Gaming and Entertainment Industry Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

Due to the catastrophic affects of Hurricane Katrina there will be about 3 million people migrating to other cities? Where will they go? New Orleans had 1.3 million people in the surrounding area. There are few homes left, few jobs until relief efforts and rebuilding gets going. There will be need for engineers, heavy equipment operators, construction people, but their families will have no homes and will have to live elsewhere. One major industry and source of jobs was totally wiped out, along with its tax base; the entertainment and gaming industry. But where will these employees go, many have lost everything and their jobs were totally demolished?

Which cities stand to gain people? Well let us look around. Shreveport and Tunica have casinos and will take some of those who worked in that industry and in the entertainment sectors of the Destroyed Gulfport Area and tourist areas of New Orleans. Some may move as far away as Las Vegas, which need labor for their growing gaming sector. Atlantic City is also growing and needs trained gaming workers.

Tunica can take on about 1,000 or so of the employees, Atlantic City for those with funds to move or those who work for a gaming corporation, which had locations in both Gulfport and Atlantic City may find a nice package for a move. Las Vegas the home of the gaming industry always needs people. The LDS and Mormons who had typically worked in casinos are no longer having the ten kids per family that their parents had are now having fewer kids. Fewer people are moving from Salt Lake due to the booming economy there. The Filipinos who also are know as hard working family folks are welcomed by the gaming industry as a reliable source of labor. Due to the growth in Las Vegas the fastest growing city in the Nation, there are more than enough jobs and not only in the gaming industry. Las Vegas is a racially diverse city, it is an all comers area which welcomes all. Many of the poor will go to Houston and all though it does not have a gaming industry, it does need the labor badly. We can soak up the people who have lost everything for their new start. They may need some help with their credit reports, some cash for the move or pre-paid moving monies, but we can make the transition for those willing to pick up the pieces of their life and make a new start. Think on this.